*CEE195, About Civil Engineering. Credit: 1 Hour.
(Group teaching) Freshman-level undergraduate course for general civil engineering students.

Civil engineering orientation including historical developments, education requirements, relation to science, professional practice, and specialties within the profession.
*CEE201, Systems Engineering and Economics. Credit: 3 Hours.
Sophomore-level undergraduate core for general civil engineering students.

Introduction to the formulation and solution of civil engineering problems. Major topics: engineering economy, mathematical modeling, and optimization. Application of techniques, including classical optimization, linear and nonlinear programming, network theory, critical path methods, simulation, decision theory, and dynamic programming to a variety of civil engineering problems. Credit is not given for both CEE 201 and IE 310. Prerequisite: MATH 231; credit or concurrent registration in MATH 225.
*CEE310, Transportation Engineering. Credit: 3 Hours.
(Co-teaching) Junior-level undergraduate core for general civil engineering students.

Design, planning, operation, management, and maintenance of transportation systems; integrated multi-modal transportation systems (highways, air, rail, etc.); layout of highways, airports, and railroads with traffic flow models, capacity analysis, and safety. Design of facilities and systems with life cycle costing procedures and criteria for optimization. Prerequisite: TAM 251; credit or concurrent registration in CEE 202.
*CEE418, Public Transportation Systems. Credit: 3 or 4 Hours.
Senior-level undergraduate and graduate elective. Formerly CEE498-PT.

Transit systems basics, demand issues, design standards, economic and sustainability implications. Transit service planning for shuttle, corridor, and network systems, hybrid hierarchical systems, paratransit and demand-responsive services. Management of transit systems, fleet operations, and crew scheduling. Operational issues, vehicle movement, headway and schedule control. 3 undergraduate hours. 4 graduate hours. Prerequisite: CEE 310 or equivalent.
*CEE512, Logistics Systems Analysis. Credit: 4 Hours.
Graduate elective. Formerly CEE598-LSA.

Planning, design and operations of complex logistics systems: logistics costs; production, transportation and distribution systems; lot-sizing; traveling salesman problem (TSP) and vehicle routing problem (VRP); transshipments; facility location problem; supply chain management and inventory control; order instability; analytical methods and practical solution techniques. Prerequisite: CEE 310 and IE 310.
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